One of the most complaint of the people in the whole world. The most common causes of headache is stress and tension, eye strain, migraine, low blood sugar and a lot of pressure in life or having an injury in the head by being knocked out. The most famous medicine all over the world to relieve a headache is a tablet of aspirin or paracetamol. All human beings have a headache once in their lifetime. Extremely high blood pressure can also be another reason for severe headaches which also are a cause for concern.
All headaches don’t need medical attention but can be easily relieved by a simple aspirin or maybe paracetamol tablet. Spas and various oil massages are also a good way to cure headaches. Mostly the headache is a result of the daily stress that we get from our work at the office,school and home.For me,as a paramedic..the best medicine to cure headache is get enough rest,good sleep,avoid thing that can produce problem to us that can lead to a stress.

There are different types of headaches like:
a) Migraine headaches.
b) Cluster headaches.
c) Organic headaches.
d) Rebound headaches.

make sure you get medication quickly preventing from became like this 

just joking....;)

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